How many dirty old men, are we?

By: Maria de la Luz Morales

We have often heard that in life, human beings to feel full, we get to take three actions, write a book, have a son and plant a tree. Perhaps some have been unable to make any of these things.

Those who have taken the task of spreading a little green life, contributed to the spread of oxygen, vital element that helps humans get on with life.

A few days ago to see how one of these giants felled wood, my eyes beheld ceased to exist as a living being, that for 14 years or so, seen from above, the lives of my neighbors and mine, and it became importate part of my street. Since not only gave us a bit of a shadow on the days that the sun was more intense, but also allowed us to have a different picture when it was fall and spread their ocher and orange leaves on sidewalks. Listening to the morning birdsong living in your glass, we rejoiced the day, however was knocked down and the years that could have gone on living.

A tree can live hundreds and even thousands of years, such as tule tree Santa María del Tule in Oaxaca state, which is estimated an age of over 2,000 years. This ahuehuete or sabino, Taxodiacea belong to the family and its scientific name is Taxodium mucronatum.

The cypresses are a species native to Mexico and its name comes from the Nahuatl ahuehuetl meaning “tree that never gets old” or “old tree water” because they grow in areas where there is this vital liquid.

The diameter of the trunk measured 5.14 meters sabino and its circumference is 45 meters with a height of over 40 meters.

It is estimated that this great tree has a volume of 800 cubic meters and weighs approximately 630 tons of which can be considered as one of the largest and oldest in the world.

Another wonder of nature living longer in our country, is the bald cypress called ‘The Tlatoani “which has 700 years, more than half a millennium dwelling in the first section of Chapultepec Park.

Within this large forest trees are located other veterans who have been part of the history of this city, one of them is known as “Sergeant”, which unfortunately is no longer alive due to lack of water. This tree died in 1969, however, is still preserving vegetable monument.

This ahuehuete reached 15 meters high, 40 in circumference and lived 700 years. Tradition has it that it was planted by the ruler of Texcoco, Nezahualcoyotl in 1460, and was sown when Moctezuma I, tlatoani Mexica, invited him to live in the forest.

Not only in the Chapultepec can find Sabines lived, also in the area of ​​Xochimilco is a lot of trees between 300 and 700, and one of them is the San Juan ahuehuete almost four meters in diameter, 25 meters high and with an age of over 700 years.

These wonders of nature are part of the legends told in our history and one of them is the “Tree of the Sad Night”, under which Hernán Cortés mourned the loss of a battle against the Aztecs and the loss of half of his army. This tree, now dead, reached a diameter of 4.84 meters and an approximate age of 550-600 years.

 This great ahuehuete also been a big controversy among historians, as some say it is located in Calzada Mexico Tacuba in Mexico City and others say it is in the area of ​​Naucalpan.

 Because Mexico has a rich biodiversity can find this type of cypresses, pines, firs lollipops and not just in the center of the country, but also in states north and south of the Republic. Such is the case Pseudotsuga belonging to the family of Pinaceae, better known as Douglas fir.

 In a study for the test “Trees lived in Mexico” were located this type of living pine trees aged 550-600 years, only four sites located within the boundaries of the states of Durango and Chihuahua.

 In the Sierra Madre Occidental pine Pinus lumholtzii sad, is distributed in altitudes of 2,100 at 2,600 meters is one of the most adapted to colonize coniferous sites bedrock outcrop, high soil stoniness and acid reaction. This species is found in towns of Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, among other states, where it can exceed 300 years, making it one of the longest running coniferous mixed forests.

 Regarding gender Cupressus as Cupressus lusitanica Mill can achieve over 300 years of longevity in sites of El Salto in Durango.

 Such as long-lived species usually have a trunk corroded by weather, pests that become damaged and the areas where they live, because they grow on steep soils where winds are often very strong and where water is scarce, surviving only with rainwater.

The report provided by the National Forest Inventory and Soil of 2004-2009, was published in Mexico there are only 2% of old trees or supermaduros, 23% is occupied by mature, 14% the very young and 61% youth.

Unfortunately it has been reducing the number of long-lived, mature specimens, due to deforestation, pollution and intensive soil changes, not just end with the trees, but also the species that inhabit them.

Now my street not only looks sad and empty, but it also stopped listening to those birds that had their nest in the tree and that helped the food chain.

The ecological crisis is happening currently, is largely due to lack of awareness of people, so it helps to preserve the species that currently exist or if you have not done one of these actions that a man must do in life begins to feel full for planting a tree.

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