By: Maria de la Luz Morales.


A few days ago out of one of the many museums that offers Mexico City, got my hands on a print publication called “Resident“.

Within the pages of this medium, which is published each month, we can find notes, columns, interviews and reports that address issues, the environment, economy, society, culture and infrastructure.

It was a great companion during my journey back home, because not only entertained me during this period, but also allowed me to meet and inform opinions about issues that are currently of great importance to our lives, such as climate change.

To address the problem of this issue Resident reporters interviewed Dr Carlos Garcia Gay Director of the Virtual Center for Climate Change in Mexico City (CVCCCM), the interview is very interesting and the way in which the developed allows the reader still interested in it, the only downside is that it’s very short, but on their website you can see part of an interview in video format, which gave them the CVCCCM and that complements that of its print edition.

Unfortunately only appears in the video Dr. Charles Gay, answering the questions of this problem, however, would have been more instructive in turn submit images of the consequences that this city is suffering because of the climate crisis.

Similarly consider the design of this magazine, it is innovative and it is very similar to other cultural publications, however the photographs accompanying notes make it a little more attractive and how to develop your content THROUGH its 20 pages is interesting.

Resident is an independent media publication and is gratituita, with two editions, one of which appears in the Federal District and the state of otherness in Monterrey, these issues can be found in the cultural and commercial establishments.

It is very important that if they do not find it in any of these places, they can view their digital format, through its website and in turn may revise their earlier publications.

Especially not stop reading it and form their own judgment of this means looking to have an initiative to help improve our social environment.

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