As we reported the sad news of the sale of nearly 10,000 square meters of the federal zone or “protected” as green space, and put quotes in protected, as it was found that it is not, as to any bidder offered the lungs of our Mexico, to become, in what the customer asks, no clutch further found that not only is this the case in the Bosque de Chapultepec, and as such there are several properties that are in private hands and these in turn, so shamelessly advertised legend SALE OR RENT.

The unit in charge of protecting these natural areas is the Directorate General of Urban Forests and Environmental Education and belongs to the Ministry of Environment of the Federal District. Currently, the owner of that address is Jose Ignacio Campillo Garcia, who according to Article 56 of the internal rules of government of the Federal District, is responsible for “conserve, manage and regulate the use, development, operation and restoration of natural resources and infrastructure in the areas of environmental value “, however, in spite of the authority by law, the forest is being sold.

The city authorities say they know the existence of such facts, as witness the following video (audio in Spanish):

As for the 4th judge. in administrative David Rodriguez Mata, simply decided that the property was not “well maintained”, so determined that the trial would benefit the owners, if so, if he establishes interpose another trial which will consolidate its free right provide green space as he has, felling, digging etc.

The mayor, Marcelo Ebrard, said that having lost the trial does not authorize any construction and mentions that “what the judge ordered it to be returned or restored to a private owner, is a contest between the city government and a A property owner. Now the fact that it des or back, as the court orders, an individual does not mean that man can do anything there, because it is an area of ​​environmental value I want to make that clear, “apparently unaware that a real estate and has placed a large wire fence.

The authorities state that it is impossible to build or sell as there are locks that protect the forest, which has shown that it is not.

So anyone who ever enjoyed in the company of our family, among trees, saw the squirrels run and visit the imposing castle, one day wake up to the news that the forest as ours has become the backyard someone who could afford it and that the historic building is his summer home.

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