By: Maria de la Luz Morales

This weekend, I turned on my TV after noon and as long he did not, due to lack of time, tune the channel eleven National Polytechnic Institute, at that time are transmitted center is eleven, which in my opinion is a of the best bars in this television.

While cleaning my home listening recommendations have every weekend to visit some places of interest and the views of boys CECyT 8, because the program was broadcast from the venue.

The minutes passed and I continued with my work, until I decided to suspend them and pay more attention to a program that started at 14:00 and it is called “Pies en la Tierra“.

In this issue are projected lives of thirteen young people decide to collaborate with some civil and humanitarian experiences live over a week.

In each episode, one of these teenagers traveling to a community or shelter to live near the difficulties faced by people in low-income areas.

The chapter that caught my attention completely, was a 22 year old girl who walked away from his family and helps provide comfort stop an organization that aimed to create a playroom.

The creation of this place was held in one community of Xochimilco, which has no water services, drainage and paving.

One of the people on this site provided you stay to volunteer, which lived experiences that shaped his life.

To show you what problems they face every day these people, made me reflect and see that people often fail to appreciate certain services available to us, the life we ​​have and especially sometimes not sympathize with our neighbors.

Simply observe the conditions in which people live in this community, and made me shudder will roll down my cheeks tears of helplessness and sadness.

Have we dehumanized married? Or why many people live in this situation?.

More people should join to share of how are you, where the reward is not monetary but is humanitarian.

We can start helping in not wasting so much water, in aiding disabled people to cross any street or have clothes that we no longer have and that is in good condition can donate a shelter or persons in need.

Programs like this help us raise awareness of our actions and realize that small actions can help change the lives of the less fortunate.

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