The series that for many of us is in our top favorites, won yesterday the award to the best of its kind, but this space will not be discussed in value based on their level of humor of a high IQ, but because some of the nice things Sheldon has performed and taken out of their boxes to Leonard already being actually a reality that should be taken more seriously than comedy, remember the chapter where Sheldon prepares to eat a refreshing beverage that was initially turned his own urine?, because in this world full of strange solutions sometimes a character unique within its industry, is undertaking a project that combines the features of Mr. Sheldon and Bill Gates, being the latter who has proposed turning what many describe as human waste into compost and irrigation water (what we commonly call poop and pee), in order to save thousands of lives in the country hardest hit by deaths from intestinal infections Africa, was devised using a toilet with the ability to carry it out. 

The genius of the cyber world implemented a challenge, which aims to make the toilet is a separate unit, without connection or electricity, or water pipe or a drain. It should be easy to install and maintenance cost no more than 5 cents per day.

The project ultimately responsible Gates Foundation is the Dutch engineer Frank Rijsberman, head of the Department of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene of the organization, currently working on two projects: one promotes the construction of latrines in rural and slum areas, while the other offers fellowships to scientists who bring new ideas to use human excrement.
“Children come into contact with the feces and can develop chronic diarrhea kills more children under five than AIDS and malaria combined,” said Frank Rijsberman, director of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates.
The 40% of the population does not use toilets and 1,000 million people defecate in the open. “In some cities, people use as a plastic bathroom then thrown out,” says Rijsberman.
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The challenge was launched almost a year and a half and made significant progress since leaving as evidence that our ingenuity has no intelligence at least limiting, as already found the solution that is perfectly suited to the provisions of the foundation, presented several options within the exhibition “Reinventing the Toilet”, which took place in August last year in Seattle, USA

The most relevant proposals received a prize of $ 100,000. and will be tested in the course of three years, however one of them led by Walter Gibson, a team of scientists from the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, showed a toilet that uses black soldier fly larvae to process waste and create organic food for animals and is already being tested in South Africa.
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                                                                                  This design uses black soldier fly larvae to process waste and create feed.
So not all ideas that apparently are fiction and comedy are so crazy, is not it?, And with a little effort on our part can make this a more balanced world.


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