There is a field of mangoes if what they are thinking, and that is that the word “Mangrove” seems to me to a field of mangoes. No, the mangrove forest is an ecosystem which is characterized by concentrating more soil carbon than any other ecosystem type.

How much? Well 49% to 90% absorbed!, How?

Well concentrated much carbon, and that what, to it is important and vital to our planet, especially because they emanate exorbitant amounts of CO2 every day, and just mangroves, among other things, help to mitigate the negative effects of warming Global CO2 absorption by this.

In Mexico, 10 and 20% of these mangroves are located in the National Wetlands, the area of ​​the biosphere reserve is the largest North American Pacific.

However, and never missing a stone in the shoe, and this time I mean huge, it turns out that the Federal Electricity Commission plans to build the hydroelectric “Las Cruces” (besides the government plans to create a resort) . This dam would significantly reduce the flow of water to wetlands harming plant and animal populations and disrupt the movement and migration path that are so critical to the survival of many species. The government also plans to divert substantial amounts of water from the Rio Presidio for irrigation, which will probably also be detrimental to the wetlands of the Laguna Huizache-Caimanero.

So imagine, the loss of mangrove deforestation and soil exposure generates the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

And we are not just talking about the effects this can have on climate change, but also the loss of biodiversity that exists in these ecosystems: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Spread this information, avoid the loss of this valuable ecosystem in our country.

Author information:

tarjeta Zivalina