There is something I am very satisfied, everything is connected, if I rip a plant on this side of the planet on the other side decreases the amount of oxygen we breathe, when I talk to my friends I only watch or listen to the typical unbelievers there bájale ! expression no longer amazes me, what if it does, is that human beings continue to think that it touches and destroys not in any way affect their context, go! but how wrong can become and how great is the blindness.

While enjoying a documentary I learned something that perhaps many do not know they have taken care of very well not come to our ears such information, only throwing single notes as superfluous gossip who comments, continue watching and when it ended I sat down at my lap top and started searching for some trace in the network, in our country is not even mentioned by mistake, in South America will begin preparations to fix, while not to vary across the world only forward in time if not in thought, for the hard work has already begun, the money just means a more not an obstacle, do not miss the collection colaboraren hands of these murderers, placed or thrown by the same old thing, human.

I let roll as we say here and tell them the name of such murderers silent, which gradually leave us food from the sea, called ghost nets, debris nets are fishing boats or fishing nets that have been lost, and these being of a material whose disintegration takes years, only manages to get to the bottom and catch on corals, these are real turn death traps for all marine species gradually become filled fishing nets beings whose starvation due to their bodies struggling to rise and all I get is tied more. If the connection which is still strongly believe explained, do below.

conexión con sello

Connection. Picture: Yolanda Morales.

Or here is a video whose depth could only be achieved by a child, and that through such campaigns seek to raise awareness about the serious consequences of adult man seriously not see that this is not something to be taken lightly as:

A new UN report concludes that the abandonment of fishing nets in the seas of the planet does nothing but worsen the grim situation due to the escalation of fishing operations as these networks are made even better with synthetic materials that last many decades before failure. According to this terrible report, 10% of all marine debris are ghost nets! The figure of 640,000 tons barbara networking devastate marine life day and night. The rest of the waste, nearly 6 million tons of plastic are thrown overboard by merchant ships and liners, as well as waste discharges from the coasts.


Red Ghost recovered by a trawler Scottish North Sea.




The numbers are alarming when cleaning campaigns have been given the task of writing and recording on video the millions of living things that have died because of these. But as I said these campaigns are now mostly in their maturity across our planet, as did a search within our territory and not to vary not find some semblance of the term is known and therefore you are doing something.

Traps are another major ghost fishing. An estimated 150,000 crab traps in the Chesapeake Bay in the United States are lost each year to an estimated total of 500,000 installed. Only in Isla Guadalupe in the Caribbean, about 20 000 traps set each year are lost each hurricane season – a loss rate of 50%. Like gill nets, these traps can continue to fish on their own for long periods of time.

Meanwhile the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2009 after several analyzes carried out a series of recommendations including:

  • Financial incentives for fishermen in order to report on any network such loss or recover lost nets at sea.
  • Labeled with the team name.
  • New technologies. GPS locators provide equipment to help locate and biodegradable materials.
  • Schemes Improving collection, disposal and recycling facilitate the collection of damaged equipment placing special containers at ports.
  • Improve reporting of lost gear.


pez muerto

Image: Fondear

These points were listed were followed within the fisheries sector, some in years immediately and others in recent years such as last year in Spain was an initiative called Eco-networks aimed at promoting the use of networks biodegradable fishing to ensure the survival of the marine environment, training the rederas in using these materials to make the networks and conducting awareness-raising measures in the fisheries sector, intended to disappear ghost fishing or at least decrease significantly, by using innovative measures to preserve the marine environment.

Australia has created a society founded since 2004 which aims to liberate the ocean of this unnecessary evil, this company called Ghost Nets Australia, is an alliance of more than 22 indigenous communities of the north coast of Australia in the three states of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

Since its inception, the program has supported Indigenous Rangers to remove ghost nets over 7,500 different sizes. This has resulted in the recovery of a proportion of the trapped animal, particularly turtle (52%), and the prevention of networks sea ghost return to continue their life cycle, destructive. Less than 10% of these networks have been attributed to Australian fisheries.

This project is also enabling Aboriginal communities to fulfill their aspirations to have custody of their traditional lands and the adjacent marine environment, known as “caring for country”.

GNA is training this extensive network of indigenous rangers in data collection, assistance in establishing institutional frameworks, and open channels of communication between communities on a scale never before experienced in Australia with one project .

The award-winning program is administered by the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) with funding from the Government of Australia until 2013. Government funding of Australia corresponds with stakeholders in cash and in-kind contributions, sponsorships and donations.

To complete your goal is to carry out several projects, which can be viewed at this link: GNA Projects

As there are several companies that help the environment to whom we owe to continue preserving marine life, what I ask again in Mexico and when?

List of associations and programs worth knowing:

Carpenteria Ghost Nets Programme

Proyecto Kaisei Video.

Project Kaisei. org

Tangora Blue Foundation

Sociedades participantes con GNA


Meanwhile images like these videos are happening more frequently, so we asked of us to help more attentive to this problem does not get bigger and when they visit the beaches of Mexico and the world does not throw garbage into the sea or in the sand, they denounce the pollution of water bodies through pictures and videos on social networks, so that complaints have greater impact, and demand that in our country there is a law that classifies as criminal the act of littering natural areas that still remain.

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