For us women that each month to the day when our cycle makes his triumphant appearance represents a major inconvenience because it represents a stage where we have vulnerable to any change interpersonal, buzzing flies and sudden movement sanitary towel!

Menstruation is not only the fact that our body is ready for fertilization, but that in itself for us means eternal headaches, body and discomfort rather complicated to explain in one word, but girls this cycle goes beyond of the fact that our body expels what delimit as unpleasant, since it throws is part of us, this supplement has been expelled for lack of an embryo is placed in the famous sanitary napkins, feminine hardware acquired easily in stores, pharmacies and so on., whose marketing has been commissioned to sell the idea to your advantage to our busy lives is the purchase-usa-discarded, the latter being the least consider it already served its purpose, contain the you want to discard and you!

But have stopped to analyze that effect by first instance has constant contact materials (mostly plastics) which are made?, The skin in this area of ​​our body is more sensitive and more prone to absorb substances close it frequently.

Here is a link where you can read the ingredients of shredded form a pad and its effects on our body:

Componentes de una toalla femenina.

Activismo menstrual


The components vary from one company to another and most manufacturers do not tell women what are the ingredients that their products contienen.Y if there is some information not mentioned the sub ingredients, for example, we know that they are made of fragrances of sanitary napkins.

The ingredients known in the buffers are: cotton, rayon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene and fiber.

The ingredients known sanitary napkins are: white pulp, absorbent gel (polyacrylate), nonwoven polypropylene, polyethylene.

To give you an idea of what is happening is to leave a small task, remember if the amount of bleeding and cramping frequency with the same as when they started the first cycle, if infections are more common even if we do not use tight clothes and cotton underwear is, if you have noticed that it has increased the rate of cancer in women but not “officially” stated the cause as well as feminine hygiene products are synthetic, we offer efficiency but does not mention consequences.

Just as the issue of what do you do with the discarded towels?, As I commented that once used and that we put them in the trash, they end up in landfills without even having a special for its disintegration be separated from what could be reused, the time it takes to degrade is 500 years of a single towel in our lives we each use about 11,000 towels, which materials to pass their degradation will be in contact with the ground and secrete substances that are transformed and thereby polluting the earth, that the rains are absorbed and become part of the natural water cycle, so putting it in a rather crude scheme, perhaps in your water bottle has been a part of this has drained, or you’re drinking juice not only trash but chemists beam thrown the towel a few months ago!

The video shown below, demonstrates the foregoing.


Release and ecological alternatives to eliminate our consumption and gradually ease our health, these are two items that are quite radical at first and who will find it disgusting, but if we put our health at the effectiveness of throwaway, we would envision a fairly encouraging. Remember that our mothers told us that when we were little, before there used disposable diapers cloth diapers cotton after use, and wash them only enough spending was reduced compared to what is currently done, However the system is similar, these towels made ​​from fabric whose inside is interchangeable and easy to clean, as well as menstrual cup which is inserted into the vagina and this in turn capture the liquid when it is to changed only is removed and rinsed. This movement is gaining strength gradually, here are your two options to consider besides helping the planet reduce contact with these chemicals that harm us silently.





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