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In the world of human nature we often overlook the details that give meaning to how wonderful life is, we believe that the important thing is that which is able to excel by their high cost in the market, by the colossal size the beast (animal) that holds the roar louder or brighter colors, yet go unnoticed tiny beings and we believe that there is something beyond what our eyes see, and is in the most unexpected places where Life comes and shows us that there must be a balance, the immediate example, the water, the liquid we take for granted in life gives us currently flaunt as ours and we boast of being able to dispense with this and replace it with some other up that we need, and once again shows us that water is able to provide life to all living things on earth no matter the size, shape, color etc, as in the case of the “bear water “or scientifically known as tardigrade living with amazing resilience, invertebrates, of between 0.1 and 1.5 mm and with the qualities to withstand extreme climates as cold and heat of between -200 ° C and the 151 ° c, by criobiosis, a process by which a kind of natural antifreeze prevents the formation of ice crystals that can break or lose their cells 99% of the moisture from your body and survive thanks to a sleep state or inanimate anhydrobiosis.

Also its radiation resistance is significant and atmospheric pressure … but you wonder at where such animals are endowed with super qualities coveted by humans, the answer on your roof moss, or those the floors are ruined with high water content also called humidity, feeding on the same moss even though it is dry and has managed to revive these peculiar bears after 100 years of being in an apparent death.

       Watch video / see video: The tardigrade.

The animal kingdom is boundless as our wonder, however at the approach that deplete drinking water sources and the existence of the vital fluid, we can not just go dismissing the known but it can leave unexplored and great learning.

sources:  Publímetro and Ciencia popular.


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