For a person who requires accessibility elements (to ensure their movement, free, stable and secure) begins right where an accessible environment is also the end point of that environment, that world. That line marks all the work that needs to be done to achieve a fully accessible city.

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Home-End of “accessible route” MetroBus station Medical Center Mexico City, notes that not paved warning indicates start of travel as indicated regulations SEDUVI Photo: Esteban Baez.


Clearly such sharp boundaries are due to the expansion of the idea of accessibility within the city, which generates accessible spaces islands rather than a deficiency of the idea, and it is in this condition, a situation that becomes dangerous, because the rate of growth of these “islands” is relatively fast compared with the growth of accessibility in the urban environment, which may result in:

Discouragement of those who invest efforts

  • Confusion and frustration of those who require accessibility.
  • A drag on the local momentum look to keep pace urban pulse.
  • One of the most important ideas that define accessibility is not only to provide access, but also allow the movement, that’s why a word that should be promoted dramatically to stop these efforts is not, “continuity”.

But not just an approach that applies growth efforts, but learning that the word “continuity” has a very important role in the development of accessibility, in fact, is found in what may be the most important definition of accessibility concepts.

The of “accessible route”, which by definition is:

“A continuous and unobstructed movement ensures safe and independent movement of any person, whether in public spaces, such as in buildings and outdoor spaces for including sensory signaling elements.”

Defining  “Guía de Recomendaciones de Diseño Universal para el Sector Turismo” CONADISmx – SECTUR 2012 

proyecto ciclo-ruta en san josé

Project cycle-path in San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico, seeks an integration of the green movement with elements of continuity that both the return an accessible route. picture:  movilidad


We conclude that the continuity of the elements is what guarantees success to accessibility, technology beyond technological investment or saturation of elements.

The following video “Accessibility in Japan” is made ​​by a person using a wheelchair, in Uganda, Africa, succinctly as transfer those ideas to their home country, not knowing what technology investments must be moved, but the continuity of elements, which Japan has achieved this level of accessibility.

Go back to the picture of the station, medical center, accessibility in Mexico is still a work in progress, which requires in the first instance to arouse interest and awareness of the general population, paying close attention to those working in urban development and construction not only of the city but the whole country.

Think Mexico achieve accessible, not just an idea that qualify as utopian, which is solved by putting a patch here and a patch there to campaign with political strategy.

Mexico is a country with a population that does not leak to the overall increase in life expectancy, so, sadly, Mexico is a country that rates of overweight and obesity in the population are also increasing, it should be noted that in addition cardiovascular problems and diabetes, obesity and overweight causes the person suffering from reduced mobility and fatigue without becoming a disability “conventional”.

Just looking at this, Mexico is a country that in the medium term, will have a large percentage of the population requiring accessible cities, not forgetting that these cities should have their green spaces for health (in many aspects) and sport.

And this without analyzing the existing population of people with disabilities in Mexico, who tend to think that just because they exist all these elements.

If we go back to the photo of the station in the Medical Center, or the image we have of everyday Mexico, Mexico is a country where there is much unfinished work and many things to do that are not limited to accessibility, and Mexico is a country where they say, ironically, there is no work.

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