It is impossible to separate the technical aspects that includes getting a job is accessible, it is impossible to separate the human point of view of a topic that is constant over that individual struggle that leads a person in search of success, that is the inclusion, of looking at the human right from a human point of view, ie separate achievement achieve political, business struggles and return to the basic starting point, human achievement, the achievement of a person.

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We must understand then, that every effort inclusion should not be seen as an obligation or responsibility, but a commitment we make to our human side.

The labor inclusion in Mexico exists, the theme is always aware learning and feedback; basic guidelines that guide these efforts are outlined in Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

“Article 27: Work and Employment


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People with disabilities have the right to work and earn a living from the work they choose:

1. To realize this right, countries:

  • Prohibit discrimination based on disability in employment work and shall ensure that persons with disabilities have the my most working conditions than other people, the same wages and the same protection against labor abuses.
  • Strive to ensure that people with disabilities to exercise their labor and trade union rights.
  • Encourage training programs and job placement for people with disabilities.
  • Support people with disabilities in the labor market
  • In order to get jobs or to create their own companies or cooperatives own.
  • Employ persons with disabilities in the public sector and pro-move their hiring in the private sector through incentives to businesses.
  • Monitor that works and adaptations are performed jobs requiring people with disabilities.

2. Countries shall ensure that persons with disabilities are not slaves and protected, like the rest of the people, against forced or compulsory labor “


Based on these guidelines, in Mexico, since 2005 Recognition is granted Inclusive Company “Gilberto Rincón Gallardo”  (lineamientosthat has evolved from labor inclusion program developed by the STPS.


Inclusion Laboral

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A very compact reading about is the manual prepared by the STPS for the entrepreneur who points out some technical aspects and treatment that should be considered to achieve an accessible environment that allows labor inclusion.


Reconocimiento Rincón Gallardo


Rincon Gallardo Recognition, bases its success on the progressive, recording from 2011 to 2012 inclusive businesses a tripling of award-winning Image Information File STPS.

However, the most important factor in the success of any effort to work inclusion is self inclusion, ie the participation of people with disabilities in the road that unfolds slowly.

An example of participation, letter of recommendation program promoted by Xicani Godinez, however, it is an example that has managed to go beyond, has promoted and raised awareness.

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We can conclude here that the largest commitment that a person with disabilities from the efforts in favor of the inclusion, participation is only because she will have completed the process and will continue making its way through learning.


Inclusion Laboral

It is a fact that most of the vacancies offered with an inclusive approach to profiles subject capabilities fit together with the requirements, however the parameter that should matter more in this amount of effort is that the work offered is to be dignified and fair. Image.

“The promotion of labor inclusion of people with disabilities has a double impact when a nondisabled person sees a person with disabilities within their work environment working alongside, no excuses and excuses enthusiasm … What can ya have? “

Mr. Francisco Cisneros CONADIS Rivero Director until his death in September 2012


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