Cascadas de Agua Azul, Chiapas, México.

Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico.

The rivers are the lifelines oldest in the world, thousands of civilizations settled along its slopes rich in vital nutrients and abundant subsistence liquid, water. At these sites flourished millions of generations that led to this course of our planet.

The content of these aspects was revered by the huge signifier, is undoubtedly understood the impact that could generate in people and habitat if ceased to exist.

We can not conceive the endless cycle of water, stable and healthy survival of living beings, if one element of it was infected, who does not remember the required school work where we draw the actual “water cycle”, where teachers painstakingly explained to us the path of a drop of water and how important it was to take care of.

Regrettably, as the “human progress” takes force, basic things are taken lightly, it is believed that if only the contaminant is poured in small quantities or populations away from you time to get lost in the way , however the channel brings irrefutable proof of the lack of integrity and environmental awareness that this brings. The consequences are invasive disease outbreaks, viruses that mutate and become part of our day to day and after a while they are seen as part of everyday life and pretend that nothing is happening.

These last three days I have witnessed the sad news given the increase of this fatal phenomenon and notes only conclude by saying that there are already authorities who will relevant studies … but then what happens? What are the effects?, What sanctions? if the murderer was learned, this qualifier has no place because they are slow deaths generators and unnoticed but After closing these facts.

Examples of these natural disasters are:

The recent contamination of rivers in China, caused by the countless number of capsules discharged into it, bringing’d implications not only to that country and that at some point some of that water will reach several coasts around the world.

The delay absurd by the PGR of research into pollution of the river La Silla in Monterrey and the final answer to the complaint facts that are not toxic although some tests have been positive.

The recent discovery of a river in the state of Hidalgo, where they found hundreds of dead fish and physical evidence of pollutants, products for developing photographs that were available to the authorities for evaluation.

We could continue with the list unfortunate yet all that remains to say is that before any fact of which we are witnesses, remember that not only pollute the water but undermine our health, so I invite you to report to raise awareness and to equate this long-term phenomenon to what happened in Chernobyl.



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