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I finally decided to write about it, very quietly because I know that not everyone who reads see diversity as something “useful” and is very respectable, but I will share what I think.

 Well, the search began for Google, where I found the “Amendment to Article 27 of the Constitution” text proposed by Raul Paz Alonso (BA in Economics from the Monterrey TEC), Gloria Elizabeth Nuñez Sanchez (BA in Law from the UAN) and Manlio Fabio Beltrones (BA in Economics from UNAM), the first source I planned to visit was the Official Journal of the Federation, but found absolutely no recent change there, then I went to several links and only one of them will gives the idea of ​​what it actually says the “proposal” is the quote below:

… Allows foreigners to buy property in our country in the restricted area, from the celebration of a trust, corporations … for housing in a range of 50 kilometers from the beaches of Mexico …

The boy argues that this would leave an economic impact of more than 2,500 million dollars (would I do that year), supporting tourism, the 5th most important economic activity … and thus benefit “all Mexicans.”

 Well here it is economically not think the “lic” Peace comes to my house to give me my annual proportion of these 2,500 million. And I do not pay us apart “all Mexicans” with these 2,500 million to pay for environmental services that we offer waterfront, recreational spaces of leisure, as well as all the diversity that is lost when time to build houses and houses and houses …

 So … remembering my law classes, I realized that obviously is not in the Official Journal, it’s still not “official” this reform, as it has to approve the Senate … That’s when I said, for all is not lost, say, maybe I can not have a lawyer or a treasurer to be made to appreciate the beauty of the beaches offer or bugs us who are from there to here, but I do believe that the laws we do, because, ultimately, they are dedicated to making laws, but we think it is in both our interest, not in money, but in every way, “50 kilometers of beach,” I do not think that is enough space with the garbage that could cause people who wish to live our country, whether rich retirees (as the boy argues) or people who only have wool like coming to expand their territory.

 But the good news is here … just a reform of Article 32 of the Ecology Law (under Article 27 of the Constitution), which states that:

ARTICLE … 104. – The Secretary shall place before the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food and other relevant departments and agencies, the introduction and spread of practices for protection and restoration of soils in agricultural activities and conducting environmental impact studies to be performed prior to the granting of authorizations to land use changes, when there are elements to suggest serious deterioration of affected soils and ecological balance of the area.

As far as being consistent I dare say that before a person want to come and make their homes, must demonstrate through an impact study that deteriorate the soil and ecological balance of the area … but what if we talk about a single house:

Article 27 of the Constitution cites in his 1992 reform … regular social benefit, the use of natural elements of ownership, in order to make an equitable distribution of public wealth, take care of their preservation, achieve balanced development of the country and improving the living conditions of the rural and urban population. consequently, dictate the necessary steps to managing human settlements and establish adequate provisions, uses, reserves and locations of land, water and forests, in order to execute public works and planning and regulating the establishment, maintenance, improvement and growth of population centers, to preserve and restore the ecological balance for the fractionation of the estates;

We can support (well, the person of the Senate that is against the law ha ha) in the previous article talks about an equitable distribution of public wealth, as well as the management of human settlements combined with the conservation of the system …

 Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I think all is not lost, I clarify that I am a biologist and my reason is to preserve the diversity of species that harbor these ecosystems, many migrations that could be affected, some turtles, which have not are within a UMA, a RAMSAR site or a Reserve as such the sea cacerolitas that spawn near the coast line

All these species can be affected by the presence of humans, do not think that all the money in the world can buy that one species is affected anthropogenic causes without any … but still consistent with the laws we have today, I think it will not be so easy to approve this reform …

 Let us be on the lookout, this article was really informative, in all we found on the internet I gave a brief summary, but really the last word rests with you …

 Not even all the money in the world when it’s over the top floor, we can create it, when the last drop of contaminated water, we take no harm us, then … I think the country has more alternatives to exploit our resources without damaging our ecosystems , alternatively discard the sale of our resources, that they are the ones who really make us rich …


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