Dying, this word alone, has several meanings and carries different reactions, including fear, uncertainty, meditation etc., But death really must instil anxiety?, If anything we have insurance to come into this world, it is precisely so death. We go through life trying to avoid it, but we can not deceive.

Many of us have witnessed or have had family losses, of friendship and complicity, we include our pets as they also become part of us and we feel that something is no longer ever, in this sense the Mayans have a firm belief that death was not a final destination, but “have the notion of constant evolution, therefore, there are phases of destruction and creation phases”.

Phases are met, repeating cycles daily, born, grow, reproduce and die to trace, but it should go further, as the death and continue giving life, reintegrarte to land and honor. This is coupled with the way how our remains are deposited to the so-called “eternal rest”, religions differ on this issue since its foundation of life has distinctions, which are respectable.

But as time progresses considered in ancient methods were unthinkable, unworthy, true irreverence worthy of hell itself, I mean the cremation, the ashes body transformation through the use of fire. If we see it from a more cold, this method is convenient at the time of transfer, with the usual and customary traditions have developed it, how to pour the ashes of a loved one at sea or in a poetic action throw to the wind.

But the world we now live, we have transformed with consumerism vortex, which should slow down for the dreaded destruction phase did arrive, it should look somewhat proliferation of cremation.

The massive construction of buildings, spaces planned for the moment, have left out a tiny space to deposit the remains of those who joined us and for ourselves to rest, and is raising in a way the company Limbo, invites us to part of the difference and go for recovering the health of our planet, through its 100% organic polls, in which opt for the use of materials in contact with water and moist soil disintegrate allowing our loved form of the planet and thus reduce the use of conventional metal boxes or plastic timber which take years to disappear while their products offer the advantage that in the course of an hour, the material disintegrates, likewise offer plus to insert a tree or plant, which as you can keep alive the memory of your loved one and make the planet a more, it will be your responsibility if you choose to preserve.



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tarjeta Arq yolanda