dentista y temible sonido

Although , visiting the dentist is a traumatic event itself , and let us impress by all instruments. But there is a little sound that makes the skin crawl and put us face terror. Yes, the famous bzzzzz , bzzz .

During 15 years of work experience, daily ‘ve heard endless comments about why such terror . Many associate it with horrible images , where each person gives ” extraordinary powers ” to fabulous piece of fine ( so battered name , but useful instrument) that makes us have a thousand fantasies torturous indeed.

I think the big fear for this gizmo has its origin in that consultation all the time you’re aware of what you’re doing , but above all, the fact that invade your mouth, so personal space , to be drilled – to remedy serious problems – with the famous gadget (which will help ) and just think about your sound, what we feel and especially noise every time increases. It’s as if your dentist (or ) favorite ( or ) had large amplifiers ( Bose , JVC , Sony , etc. ) in the office. At that time ” raw feel ” what they must have felt the late Michael Jackson in his flat little nose when aporreba your plastic surgeon , remember how vibrated the floor in the excavations of the Metro Gold Line , and well we remember the fall of the Twin Towers, in order to feel things we do not really happening .

The ” scary ” sound is derived from the turbine having high part and the cutter will turn and go at a speed of 300,000 to 500,000 revolutions per minute. Same as help remove carious lesion difficult – to – tooth .

However, all is not lost , man has worked to be less traumatic to the dentist , has made the ” little sound ” disappears , with the arrival of dental laser .

So very soon , in dental , no more the famous bzzzzz bzzzzz .

A tip for all those little people who are so disturbed with this sound can be worn during your session a pair of headphones with music that relax your dentist or play music for relaxation .
I leave and I hope the next time you come to the dentist does not maximize their bzzz bzzzz .

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