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From small always said Brush your teeth , but never told us how to do it , so as God implied we made one two three and presto! We concluded our brushing.

More yet one of the work of dentists is to teach us how to make a good brushing , but sometimes out of pity patients that do not support what they do and I am sorry that we correct this bad technique .

The technique itself is to sweep each tooth surfaces. Imagine you bought a house to sweep broom latest , biggest or the prettiest and that of the cleaning liquid with much more flavor , but that broom and that liquid will not function properly if the person does not know how to use it properly and the same goes with the liquid cleaner that will not put a large amount of waste to remove the floor. So it is with toothbrushes , you can have the most beautiful , innovative and of many colors but if you know of anything we will use as mouthwash .

One of the best brushing techniques is to place the bristles of the brush parallel to the tooth and wrist turning a little sweep do to remove the accumulated food from the gum to the tooth edge , for each space that covers your brush should do 8 swept in that area and move for each segment and first makes all the outside of the upper and then the tooth occlusal faces ( top with foods that are crushed ), and continue to do the same with jaw teeth ( lower jaw ) .

By this action we must use dental floss to remove food accumulated between the teeth that a toothbrush could not withdraw .

The objective is to slide them floss between teeth and recharge in one of the walls and make a move from top to bottom always topping up on the wall of the tooth to the gum does not hurt , is inserted and removed three times and now we recharge in the other wall doing well in all the spaces between teeth. At the end it is important to use a mouthwash which will eliminate waste that has come after flossing and also leave a fresh breath mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine most of which is a component that will prevent the bacteria adhesion teeth. Good dental hygiene ensure us not having cavities, gum infections and bad breath. It should be emphasized that there are various brushing techniques for each type of mouth as people with bracketts or fixed prostheses must use special attachments for better hygiene . As a tip, the best toothbrush is one that has an average size and not too large as this will inhibit reach more posterior areas. Regarding mouthwashes are better those not containing alcohol because these damage the taste buds as dental floss and select those that are free of wax will remove further as waste food, there is one that expands with moisture and makes this task much easier.

The next time that you go to your dentist ask you of the best option for you in terms of brushing is concerned.

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