Steps ahead, steps that go … where they go , where they come from . Could it be that those steps are determined to achieve a dream , or perhaps in addition to the millions already if they wanted to fly instead of stepping , have settled down to play?

The steps suddenly stop and become more … this time not to protest , but to enjoy , observe that although they do not enjoy in community together , each vibrating with music, but each to their own pace. Those steps have eyes when they are with other no smiles , only undaunted observe or deviate only .

HOWEVER those steps have applause to show that the melody has arrived, and that for a moment made ​​them forget is the power of music .

These days very few of us stop to just watch the clouds go , you hear footsteps tough, awkward steps , steps that carry penalties or maybe no desire .

Suddenly , the steps are voices , voices so often that they no longer are friendly , just complaints and few smiles .

What steps has been told by the grandparents of those steps that although fast , voice carried enjoy life ? , Why now that life apparently has it all figured out , those steps that need to hear more ?

Today I saw that there are young steps , steps that leave their mark , rather than something that fairness and balance chauvinisms acclaim . proudly saw those steps came from my old nest , which they are eager to go flying , they do not carry anything and as I think they can build without collapse , that our work as architects is to leave a footprint very deep , in which basin which , life is captured , the water flow , that species endure and that we humans , learn to value the respite comes from trees and there is no better view of the greenery life and liberty blue .

These steps leave traces , which can be achieved happiness and determination, his sketches are achieved distinguish between the many black lines , flashes of color.

World Day of Architecture

Perspectiva de mi ciudad.

Student in the World Day of Architecture


una ciudad más verde

World Day of Architecture  @UNAM_MX  AqruitecturaUNAM @SOMOS_FA

Maybe they are just warming up the muscles , but that calisthenics has left me a great taste , and I look forward to catching those who are close , that those steps listless , restless , egotistical , given the much-needed shift , but says one sentence:

“People need to free herself, she needs someone else to do it , the revolution is yourself ” Malaika Mahlatsi


The ghost of past ambitions Proyecto de Alejandro Isaac Guardado MartínezAllan Eduardo Ugalde @IPN_MX 

Recycled Skyscrapers in South Korea , with vertical farm and botanical garden, is a project of students from the ESIA , Tecamachalco Unit , which won first place in the international architectural competition SuperSkyScrapers


“This is a project that aims to encourage other architectural ego , those who plan opulence and power , but attempts to turn to society and propose new solutions to the current needs of the large and medium cities in the world ,” warned the ninth semester students career ESIA Architect Engineer Tecamachalco .

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