Rubble, garbage, waste water, dust, stress over delays demolish causes, not anymore!

Came a breakthrough technology that opens a huge door to the world of construction, a robot that literally swallows the concrete even in the structure, processes which devours, recycle water consumed for this purpose and outcome of the material makes blocks which can be employed in the construction of other buildings.

What joy that science and technology to the world of routing Esten “bob the builder” is not it?.

Finally! architects can streamline time, cost, performance and even help the environment!

The creator is  Omer Haciomeroglu, a student at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, infected self-styled art fascination, studying industrial design by going after the perfect way to learning the art, but his efforts led him to enter the world of history, science and culture. Obvious Lover learn, listen and question, of those survivors of “Prince”. Like to combine their intellectual tools and enable sustainability.


Omer Haciomeroglu

Whose combination has made it possible to rise up the ladder architecture closer to a sustainable balance. Here I leave the images of his incredible breakthrough, named Ero.

And it all came from the observation!


To get down to work!


And finally, you get action friend!

























The proposed sustainable





As a curious child of nature, I find every single subject in my humble scrutiny somehow related to each other in a harmonically simple complexity. This has always provoked a gripping need of experimentation for understanding in me. Over the years, I filled my toolbox with as many different design tools as possible and trained myself to use them comfortably. This has so far allowed me the luxury of being experimental, thus understand faster to achieve creative results with ease. 


I am a strong believer of teamwork. By ”team” I do not mean a random group of people bunched up together and is expected to be creative and productive. Instead, I refer to a group of select people of varied cultures and disciplines, strategically brought together to think, produce and contribute to the common goal of the team with their expertise. I say, looking at a surface from different angles with different filters allows us to spot intriguing highlights of its features.

The question of “how?” is a fundamental part of any design process, so it naturally is my primary concern when I design. Nonetheless, after years of working with talented designers and creative social scientists like historians and linguists on concept product design, I got used to realize another essential question, which is occasionally overlooked by many designers, who get carried away by the thrill of the creative design process. It is the question of “why?”… This approach of causality has served me well so many times that I got used to perceive it as a mandatory component of designing.


I believe, design is not solely the final product itself. Design is made of the broad conceptual background shaped by cultural, sociological, strategic and philosophical inputs. In that sense, I see the creation of a fantasy or fictional game setting no different than creating a fire rescue helmet, or a construction recycle robot or a consumer product. Because, as I have witnessed in my design experiences, these all need the very same methodology and way of thinking, in order to become reality.

Extract of the text HOW DO I DESIGN?

Omer Haciomeroglu


With all this I can only congratulate Omer Haciomeroglu and invite each of you, to exploit to its maximum capacity of observation, that make it their tool, and never abandon that inner child that continues to question millions of things, the secret is, stop being afraid to listen and daring to answer, why?


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