The neighborhood is one of the smaller urban scales in which human life unfolds as we have mentioned already , disability is a characteristic of human nature and therefore any urban environment can be, and is oblivious to it .
We have already described as a home should be a place accessible and affordable , both are elements typical of an urban environment is a town or a city. And the neighborhood who, on a small scale , links .

Here we landed an idea :

“Accessibility is not only responsible for providing safe access and egress , stable and self to all people regardless of their personal characteristics , but also accessibility is responsible for providing continuity to the movement of all people. “
So What should be the characteristics required intone that little binding to be accessible ?
Sidewalks : This is the main element in the availability and continuity of displacement in a neighborhood:

This should seek to be flat and prevent irregularities ( potholes , cracks and large cobbled if missing parts should be avoided on the mat stone )

El vecindario accesible

The sums of the irregularities not only accessibility but avoid threatening the pedestrian.

You must provide a frank circulation to the maximum possible, avoiding mobile or fixed obstructions on the floor (restaurant menus, accumulation of trash)

Corners and junctions: This section is to be understood as a transition element.

Scheme corner + corner accessible accessible accessible = path (PDF)

The corners should be resolved so as to allow the rotation of a wheelchair without to lose its stability.

At crossings should allow the development of a ramp with proper slope or minimum, to move from the sidewalk at street level, it would be ideal to consider one of the art solutions to the width of the sidewalk.

acera accesible

Proposed ramp narrow streets.

acera amplia

Proposed solution for sidewalk ramps wide streets.

Pedestrian Signals: signaling function is to indicate and guide, you should use the international accessibility symbol to indicate that a route is accessible.


The international symbol of accessibility, due to a stroke by modulations and uses the blue tone to unify, it is intended to be used worldwide to indicate that an element is accessible. Image.


The importance of the international symbol of accessibility, is to unify the visual language , not recommended improvise. ( Self-image )
Vehicle Signage : From the perspective of accessibility, the function of these indicate the motorist must provide preference and respect the pedestrian , the most important ( from the viewpoint accessible) crosswalk fringe that must be respected to allow cross designed for pedestrians.

What should be avoided ?

It is important to bear in mind that is a good or bad proposal accessibility, this will cost .
The streets are full of bad proposals that required not only a financial investment , but building occupied his time during which minimized the function causing the well known ” apologize for any inconvenience this work causes ” and also due to poor planning and course, this poor performance , the need to discredit accessible solutions for our environment .

dificultades en la ciudad

Title: Ramps or traps / / Author: Jaime José Luis Rosales Image

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