El viento a diferencia del agua (por desgracia) es una fuente inagotable de energía, este invento está por revolucionar nuestro mundo y su energía.


The Altaeros Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) leverages proven aerospace technology to lift a wind turbine into the strong, consistent winds beyond the reach of traditional towers.

The completely automated, rapidly deployable system can safely and effectively bring wind power to remote sites that use expensive fossil fuel electricity today.

By harnessing stronger winds, and eliminating the logistical challenges of installing traditional renewables in remote areas, the Altaeros BAT drastically reduces the cost of energy in remote communities and at remote industrial sites.

The Altaeros BAT is designed for customers in the following sectors:

  • Rural communities
  • Island and arctic communities
  • Mining and Oil & Gas sectors
  • Agriculture sector
  • Entertainment sector
  • Emergency response and disaster relief
  • Military sites
  • Offshore power (in development)




Fuente: UPSOCL  Altaeros Energies